A solar prominence called Rosebud

To call a prominence Rosebud is far from a scientific description. Before joining Slooh, I never really paid much attention to the Sun except during eclipses and transits (obviously) During periods of hightened sunspot activity, I also gave sunspots more … Continue reading

The Twin Quasar

I followed Slooh’s mission to the Twin (Double) Quasar and took an image. I was not quite sure which of the bright dots represented the quasar. Fellow Slooh members introduced me to Aladin, the interactive sky atlas and I could … Continue reading

One Jovian Day

Slooh set up missions to capture a whole Jovian day through the Canary Teide 4 Telescope during the night of 10-11 May 2018. Apart from the moons Io, Europa and Ganymede doing their dance, the Great Red Spot can also … Continue reading