Pied Barbets in my Garden

It all began when we had to take down a huge Euphorbia Ingens, commonly known as the naboom, as it was becoming hazardous. While we were at it, we lopped a second smaller tree as well. The large trunk went … Continue reading

Maybe a Memoir

A few weeks have gone by and while staring  at a blank page, my mind just keeps wandering off to days and events long gone by. It will take tremendous effort to harness  a specific day’s thoughts and pin them … Continue reading

The Box

Each person has a story to tell. We should write our stories as most stories are never handed down and are lost forever. Who knows, one day someone might be interested in what I had to say. When I become … Continue reading

When we die

When I die, what will they find on my bookshelves, in my cupboards, in my drawers, in my filing cabinet, on my computer? Will all be shoved into black bags to be dumped or will someone actually go to some … Continue reading