Next Chapter – Robotic Telescopes

You do believe that life will go on as usual until one day you find yourself being classified as a senior citizen and your thoughts become pre occupied with ‘what ifs’.

Of course health considerations are priority but to remain active and healthy your mind needs more stimulation than ever before. I already had the most amazing hobby. What if I was unable to drive out to dark places at night. What if I could no longer carry my large telecope and bulky kit. What if I became more sensitive and afraid of things that went bump in the night. Was it perhaps time to put my astronomy days behind me?

Here I was with quite a firm foundation, plenty books, years of experience and many like-minded friends to pursue my hobby to the full. One resourceful addition since my early days in Astronomy and somewhat of an explosion of knowledge, was the advent of the internet. The most wonderful information was available but  I would always yearn to explore the universe through a telescope and add amazing objects to my very own list of observations.

I did research, became more attracted to the idea of  observing deep-sky objects through online robotic telescopes and took the plunge. I have been a member on Slooh since 2017.  Of all the sites I visited, this one seemed the most user friendly, I liked their approach. My hobby has taken on a wonderful new dimension. I am able to observe objects that would not have been possible with the limitations of my own gear.

Who knows what tomorrow may bring. For now I’m still on a wonderful rollercoaster ride to the deep reaches of space.


Contact me if you are interested in my astronomy adventures using online robotic telescopes. If I don’t know all the answers to your questions, I’ll find out and get back to you shortly