Proxima with a red dot finder

Years ago OOG (The Orion Observation Group) had the courage to withstand any wind and weather and were brave enough to organise events with guest speakers. Serena Ingamells (my partner in all crimes) organised an event at the Taalmonument on 06.12.2008 and invited Dr Ian Glass ( South African Astronomical Observatory) to talk about his newly released book Proxima The Nearest Star (other than the Sun!)

It took a while to sink in that I would actually be able to see Proxima Centauri through a telecope but for a long long while I cherished the star in my own signed copy of the book.

Auke Slotegraaf published Con Cards with a page dedicated to Prox Cen. Wow! Yes! but all these years I never knew whether I had actually seen the star 😉 I mean there are many candidates out there!
Con cards

My eye caught a mission by a fellow Slooh member. Once and for all I was going to find that star.

After reading Prox Cen from cover to cover, I took my images and compared them to Stellarium, rotating and flipping and about to give up, I remembered Auke’s con cards. His charts matched the stars in my image perfectly!
So I hope you enjoy my version of Proxima with a red dot finder.

Penumbral Lunar Eclipse 2020.01.10

annimation of Penumbral Lunar Eclipse

Click on animation

Will you come? Will you come?
Will you ride so late at my side?
O, will you come?

Will you come? Will you come?
If the night has a moon, full and bright?
O, will you come?

-Edward Thomas-

During a penumbral eclipse the darkening of the Moon as it drifts into the Earths penumbral shadow is so slight that most of the times I don’t go to the trouble of taking images. However I was not going to miss a live show on Slooh.

I used my images taken through Slooh’s Canary Two telescope for the animation.
Slooh granted me permission to use their Home Page layout as a backdrop.
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