The Place of the Golden Handle

..a life lived in bright light
or in deep dark shadows
lends no room for imagination
It’s on the boundary
between shadow and light
where your quest to perfection lies
that’s where you’ll meet the Terminator
and maybe one day
you’ll find the place
of the Jura Mountains
where the Golden Handle lies


Penumbral Lunar Eclipse 2020.01.10

annimation of Penumbral Lunar Eclipse

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Will you come? Will you come?
Will you ride so late at my side?
O, will you come?

Will you come? Will you come?
If the night has a moon, full and bright?
O, will you come?

-Edward Thomas-

During a penumbral eclipse the darkening of the Moon as it drifts into the Earths penumbral shadow is so slight that most of the times I don’t go to the trouble of taking images. However I was not going to miss a live show on Slooh.

I used my images taken through Slooh’s Canary Two telescope for the animation.
Slooh granted me permission to use their Home Page layout as a backdrop.
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