Moon and Mars conjunction Oct 2020

Moon and MarsEither we stay on Earth and go extinct, or we become a multi-planetary species
– Quantum Biology Researcher, Adriana Marais-

I’m glad I am of an age where I don’t have to consider the question: Would I go to Mars?

I think I have become too attached to Earth but there’s nothing preventing me from sharing in the excitement when spacecraft are launched to Mars.

Until the time is right, I think I’d prefer if robots were sent instead of humans.

But we have to dream big….


This image of the Moon and Mars conjunction was taken from my window on Oct 3, 2020

One Jovian Day

Slooh set up missions to capture a whole Jovian day through the Canary Teide 4 Telescope during the night of 10-11 May 2018. Apart from the moons Io, Europa and Ganymede doing their dance, the Great Red Spot can also be seen in transit in a few frames. I’m very new at doing animations but under the expert guidance of Paul Cox and other knowledgeable Slooh members I’m learning new tricks every day.