Be a woman

Women in Astronomy. Yes the playing field is far from 50/50 and much needs to be done to encourage young girls to pursue careers in Astronomy with equal opportunities for all.

I am aware of the world-wide movement to better the situation of every women in Astronomy, be it professional or amateur.

In the same vein we must not push aside or step on our male collegues and friends. Come to think of it, males outnumber females in all my astronomy circles. I have not given that much thought. In my quest to learn as much as I can, gender has never played a role. I have been taught, guided and inspired by amazing gentlemen and women. Should I be keeping statistics, how many men, how many women?

There are reports of women being harrassed and yes the issue needs to be addressed urgently.

I have never been harassed, bullied or shoved aside by men. I have never felt intimidated and so I have to thank all the men for putting up with me, for all the ecouragement and inspiration and especially for the time they have spent to teach me well. Maybe I’ve just been lucky. Maybe it’s much harsher in the professional world.

Were should woman start? Be a woman. Be beautiful. Be focused. Be professional. Be kind. Be sympathetic. Be nurturing. Be determined but never evil.

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