Me, the Moon, vineyards and a lake

I’m not a youngster anymore and I’ve learned many lessons in life. One lesson that stands head and shoulders above the rest: learn, admire and be inspired but always nuture your inner self. With all the technology at my disposal, striving for perfection could easily become the main objective.
Since taking this image, I have updated my equipment and imaging software. I have read and learned, but when I browse through older images to the days of make believe dslr’s, I realise how powerful an honest image can be.
Technically the image may be flawed, but I gasped when I saw it after many years because I remember the moment. The Moon wasn’t even that clear, being covered by wispy clouds, but I noticed what seemed like a cluster of stars in the reflection.
Without any manipulation, I’ve recovered my sense of calmness. No matter what equipment, no matter textbooks, this was me, the Moon, vineyards and a lake.

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