As women of the Slooh Community our mission is to inspire, encourage and nurture a love for Astronomy.
We invite women from across the world, who have an interest in the stars, to join this group.
This is our SPACE.

Messier 32 Slooh Art-Listen to the Rain

On 2020.11.03 at 02:21:51 a gust of wind or something that went bump in the night sent a shudder through Canary Two’s spine.
My mission to M32 was there to capture that moment.
This resulting beautiful image, we call it Slooh Art, took me way back to days of vinyl records and José Feliciano. I had to frame it.
Listen to the pouring rain,
Listen to it pour,
And with every drop of rain,
You know I love you more.
Let it rain all night long,
Let my love for you go strong,
As long as we’re together,
Who cares about the weather…..”