Nightfall contributing writer Carol Botha has been opening new vistas for her ASSA colleagues. Foresaking the joys of South Africa’s ever present tremulousness thanks to Jet Stream, our subtropical humidity, the frigid winds and practically inescapable light pollution, Carol now sits in her comfy office surrounded by panoramic computer monitors, and a web link to the Slooh network of robotic telescopes located in Chile and the Canary Islands

In the process she captures spectacular star fields that hide objects very few observers have ever seen or photographed. One of them is this faint but distinct snap of the old Galactic thick-disc Globular Cluster Lynga 7

This Cluster’s location and colour spectrum suggests that it originated in a dwarf galaxy that the Milky Way shredded multiple billions of years ago. Spot it? (it lies at x_-5.y=0 on the grid) At 26,000 light years from the Sun, it is a faint fuzzy indeed

Written en published by Nightfall Editor, Douglas Bullis –

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